DR. ADEL A. KADER (1941-2012) was a Professor Emeritus of Postharvest Physiology in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of California at Davis from 2007 until his death in December 2012. Dr. Kader's activities included mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral researches, participation in teaching several courses on postharvest physiology and technology of horticultural crops and extension of information to producers, handlers, and consumers.

Dr. Kader published more than 230 technical publications and edited and co-authored a book on Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops. He was the Technical Editor of the UC Davis Postharvest Internet Site (, which receives more than 250,000 hits per month. He served as a consultant on strategies for maintaining quality and reducing postharvest losses of horticultural perishables both within the U.S. and in many other countries, including Chile, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Thailand, and Philippines. He served as a member of the Editorial Boards of several scientific journals, the Scientific Advisory Council of the World Food Logistics Organization, the Research Advisory Board of the Produce for Better Health Foundation, and the California Citrus Quality Council.

Dr. Kader received awards for outstanding teaching in 1989 and for distinguished graduate mentoring in 2003 from the University of California at Davis and for best research publications in 1978 and 1980 from the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS). He was elected a fellow of ASHS in 1986, President-elect in 1995, President in 1996, and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1997. He was selected as the Outstanding Horticulturist of 1997 by the Horticultural Research Center at Laval University, Quebec, Canada. In October, 2000 Dr. Kader received the “Award of Distinction” from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the “Alumni Citation for Excellence” from the Cal Aggie Alumni Association at UCDavis. In April, 2010 he received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Cartagena in Spain.

The PEF Board will greatly miss his strong leadership and guidance.

 Dr. Kader working with Dr. Kitinoja in India, 2008
This honor is announced on December 10, awarded annually on the anniversary of the passing of Dr. Adel A. Kader by the Board of Directors of The Postharvest Education Foundation to the PEF e-learning program graduate who has had the greatest impact in providing education to local farmers, traders, processors and/or marketers and helping them to reduce food losses in their village, country, or region after the successful completion of the course. The awards honor the late Professor Adel A. Kader, who we believe contributed more to the knowledge and understanding of postharvest technology of fruits and vegetables than any other individual in the field. Dr. Kader’s knowledge, experience and generosity of spirit continue to inspire us today through PEF and the Kader Awards.

The Kader Award in Postharvest Training includes: 

  • An award certificate in honor of Dr. Adel A. Kader and signed by the chair of the PEF Board of Directors
  • A trip to participate in one of our PEF sponsored events (e-learning closing workshop; postharvest conference)
  • A cash prize of US $500

Announced on December 10, 2016.  Download the 2016 Kader Award Announcement.

Fieldwork/Extension Farmer Training Award Winner: Roseline Marealle (Tanzania)

Academic/University Student Training Award Winner: Mohmad Arief Zargar (India)

Honorary mentions: Jane Talam (Kenya) and Samuel Ayuba (Nigeria)

Roseline Marealle (Tanzania)

Since 2014 Roseline has been working with the WORLD VEGETABLE CENTER, Eastern and Southern Africa (AVRDC) as a Postharvest Research Associate/Nutritionist. She is active in organizing and conducting postharvest research experiments, organizing on station and on farm training on postharvest handling, storage and processing of vegetables crops, organizing and conducting outreach and promotional activities such as field days to promote the development and adoption of improved postharvest practices, conducting surveys and other field evaluation exercises as well as producing reports and promotional materials. Her postharvest training activities for more than 800 participants have included construction of the Zero Energy Cool Chamber (ZECC) and solar drying of vegetables. More than 40 new ZECCs have been constructed by local community groups and smalholder farmers. You can watch Roseline in the online video: BUILD YOUR OWN ZECC

Mohmad Arief Zargar (India)

Mohmad is an Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, University of Kashmir, Srinagar in India. He teaches MSc. Students in theoretical as well as practical aspects of both basic and applied plant sciences, such as Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Crop Physiology, Postharvest Physiology, Fruits of Kashmir, Commercial Floriculture and Biostatistics. His postharvest training work has reached hundreds of people, and includes programs for farmers, traders, cold storage operators and marketers. For the past few years, Mohmad Arief has been providing technical advice for local apple agri-businesses and has successfully assisted a local group to design, construct and manage a large cold storage/controlled atmosphere facility in the Baramulla district of Kashmir. The facility began operations in 2015, employing 12 persons and having 16 individual storage rooms. This year all but one storage room is full, and the facility is serving many local farmers with refrigeration and CA storage management for their 2016 apple harvest, while maintaining quality and extending shelf life until February - May 2017.
Announced on December 10, 2015. Download the 2015 Kader Awards Announcement.

2015 Winners: Mekbib Seife Hailegebrile (Ethiopia) and Olubukola Odeyemi (Nigeria)

Honorary mentions: Radegunda Kessy (Tanzania) and Mohmad Arief Zargar (India).

Mekbib Seife Hailegebrile (Ethiopia): 2015 Kader Award for farmer/field-based training.
In his work as a Nutrition and BCC Field level Technical Specialist/Advisor at Mercy Corps, Mekbib has trained thousands of people in Ethiopia since he completed his e-learning program in 2013, conducting training for development agents (DAs), Agricultural Extension Workers, health extension workers, school teachers and model farmers on home gardening, postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables and food cooking demonstration. Working as a PEF volunteer, he translated Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops (4th Edition) by Lisa Kitinoja and Adel A. Kader, to an Ethiopian local language, Amharic. Evaluations of some of his many postharvest demonstration programs (on rice, maize, onions, and many more crops) indicate that agricultural extension agents/DAs have gained enough knowledge and skills that they are multiplying the training for farmers in reducing food loss and scaling up the activity to other communities.
 Mekbib Seife Hailegebrile
Olubukola Odeyemi (Nigeria): 2015 Kader Award for student/university-based training.
Dr. Odeyemi works as a Lecturer II at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Nigeria, plus as a postharvest consultant and volunteer trainer for her local community. She has set up demonstrations of the Zero Energy Cool Chamber and taught her students to use postharvest tools and equipment. Among the many activities she participated in during 2015, she trained young student farmers on organic production and postharvest handling of vegetables such as amaranthus, telfaria, jute mallow, cucumber and sweet corn from production to harvesting to marketing under the Work, Earn and Learn Programme (a programme aimed at equipping graduates with entrepreneurial skills leading to the establishment of their own farms and handling of their own produce). She has recently able to establish a link with the Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC) within the University through which she will be training their smallholder farmers on postharvest handling of crops at different times within the year.
 Olubukola Odeyemi

Announced on December 10, 2014. Download a PDF of the 2014 Kader Award Announcement.

Esther Mwaisango (Tanzania)

In 2013 a new packinghouse was established in Lushoto, northern Tanzania. Funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was the result of a project designed and implemented by Esther Mwaisango and her supporting team of postharvest trainers including her colleagues Pendo Bigambo and Sadoti Makwaruzi. The packinghouse serves 3500 members of 2 local vegetable producer cooperatives. It is of a simple design based upon the manual “Small-scale Postharvest Handling Practices” and includes several movable packing lines and training programs for leader farmers and packinghouse workers. Cold storage for the vegetables is provided via a large repurposed “reefer” container with diesel powered refrigeration system.

 Esther Mwaisango

Honorable mentions 2014: Mekbib Seife Hilegebrile, Ethiopia and Olubukola Odeyemi, Nigeria.


Announced on December 10, 2013
Noel Valentin Mulinda (Rwanda)

Since his graduation as a 2012 Global e-learner in February 2013, Noel Valentin has opened a private “Postharvest Services” office called POLYTASK LTD. in Kigali and in May 2013 began advising local retail produce vendors and traders on how they can reduce postharvest losses and extend shelf life of their perishable produce. (Company website: In addition, he has trained 60 leaders of the agricultural cooperative “IMPUYAKI COOPERATIVE”, in the Northern Province in Rwanda (representing another 880 member farmers) on loss reduction and quality improvement techniques for handling agricultural produce to better meet customer needs.

 Noel Valentin Mulinda

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