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As of December 2016, this program is FREE for all participants.

The PEF Global Postharvest E-learning Program is a year-long mentor-guided training program where you can learn at your own pace. Each participant can select their own crops of interest and conduct their assignments (readings, fieldwork and written reports) on the topics that they want most to learn more about. 

PEF supplies all the required training materials via GoogleDocs and provides participants with weekly online interactive sessions, feedback and mentoring via our LinkedIn discussion groups.

Those trainees who successfully complete all ten e-learning assignments and submit a completed TNA form and a final exam receive a Postharvest Training of Trainers Certificate of Completion.

           Now the PEF Postharvest E-learning Manual translated into Espanol and Francais is available for free download to facilitate trainees from Hispanic and Francophone countries
                                                                  Download - Elearning Manual - Espanol                                Download - Elearning Manual - Francais 
Older editions (English):
Reducing Postharvest Losses in
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The postharvest training CDRom or 1GB USB Flash Drive (included in PEF tool kits) is updated each year and contains information on activities related to postharvest handling, packaging, cooling, shipping and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. The CDRom or Flash Drive includes photos and illustrations, demonstration ideas, training materials, reference manuals, and much more for trainers to utilize when designing their postharvest training programs.

PEF training materials on the CD are now online for free download-- you will find an enormous amount of manuals, references and illustrations. The link is

Shipping costs have risen too high to make it cost effective to send CDs or flash drives by mail.


Our PEF Global postharvest e-learning programs have been operating for five full years now, and have been a grand success. We hear on a regular basis from our 175+ graduates and our many top performers, as they report on their new awards, grants, scholarships, and local training activities. Quite a few PEF trained "postharvest specialists" are working as private consultants while others have jobs as postharvest researchers, extension officers or in the private sector as postharvest trainers and educators.

Our e-learning graduates report in each November, and all told their postharvest training events, training of trainers and outreach efforts over the past four years have allowed us to reach nearly 120,000 small farmers, horticultural crops handlers and extension officers in Africa and South Asia (approximately 30,000 people each year in 25 countries have received postharvest training). As a group PEF graduate e-learners have strong expertise in identifying the causes and sources of food losses, using innovative postharvest technologies to reduce losses (via PICS bags, solar drying, ZECC cool storage, value addition via processing, food fortification, improved packaging, storage practices and marketing, etc.) and developing postharvest training programs for smallholder farmers, traders, processors and marketers.

2019-20:  Postharvest Education Foundation (30 young horti professionals enrolled, representing 7 countries in SSA and 10 other countries). Many live events have been postponed or scheduled online.

2017-18:  PEF with ABA Inc. Rwanda e-learning program (14 graduates); Burkina Faso program (6 graduates) plus PEF Global program (3 graduates -- one from Uganda, 2 from Nigeria).
2016: PEF Global e-learning program participants (20), Tanzania e-learning program (14).

2014-15: Postharvest Education Foundation (21 young horti professionals trained, representing 14 developing countries).

2013-14: Postharvest Education Foundation (14 young horti professionals trained, representing 7 countries in SSA, mostly Africa).

2012-13: Postharvest Education Foundation (21 young horti professionals trained, representing 7 countries in SSA, mostly Africa).

2012-13: Postharvest Education Foundation/Amity University (14 young horti professionals trained, representing 7 countries in South Asia)

2011-12: Hort CRSP/PEF (36 young horti professionals trained, representing 7 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa) 



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