The Postharvest Education Foundation provides a postharvest tool kit to our top e-learners upon graduation, and additional Tool Kits are also available for purchase.

Each PEF Postharvest Tool Kit includes: 

  1. Digital temperature probes, temp range -50 to 250 F
  2. Handheld refractometers, scale 0- 25 degree Brix
  3. pH test strips (range 1 to 12)
  4. Chlorine test strips (0 to 500 ppm range): A quick and non-hazardous way to measure Free Chlorine levels in produce wash or other water.
  5. Digital scale (approx 5 kg max)
  6. Callipers (approx 4 inches wide max)
  7. Ruler (20cm)
  8. Fruit Sizing Rings
  9. Psychrometric charts in both C and F
  10. Produce knife (3" blade with sheath)
  11. Cutting board (flexible)
  12. Colour charts (mangoes, tomatoes, capsicum, pineapples)
  13. Small measuring tape in roll-up style holder, lightweight -- 3m / 10ft long
  14. PEF Postharvest Training Materials CD
  15. Labels (stickers) for setting up demos
  16. Permanent marker pen
  17. Metal foil pouches (sample packaging for dried products) 4x6" size
  18. Sample bubble insulation
  19. A reusable bag for tool storage

 $400 value US

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QA Supplies has partnered with The Postharvest Education Foundation to create the Produce Quality Tool Kit. Supporters of The Postharvest Education Foundation can receive a 20% discount on this set of items by entering the promo code postharvest at checkout.

This kit contains an assortment of basic equipment that is used regularly by quality assurance and safety professionals working with fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. A list of the included items is shown below and each product's specifications can be viewed by visiting the webpage and clicking on the item numbers.

Purchase the QA Supplies Postharvest Tool Kit here.

Produce Quality Tool Kit Includes: 

  1. 2001020: PDT300 Economy Digital Thermometer
  2. 2003022: Digital Psychrometer
  3. 2003101: General Purpose Produce Caliper
  4. 2003105: Produce Measuring Gauge
  5. 2006015: Hydrion pH Test Strips (4)
  6. 2006020: The Produce Knife
  7. 2006039: Ultra HR Chlorine Test Strips
  8. 2006047: Chlorine Test Strips (2)
  9. 2006108: pH / ORP Starter Kit
  10. 2006180: PAL-1 Digital Refractometer (optional)
  11. 2007048: 4-in-1 Environmental Meter
  12. 2008482: Compact Scale
  13. 3 Models: Fruit Firmness Penetrometers (optional)

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