Postharvest Training and Services Centers (PTSC)

PEF e-learning programs include an assignment where trainees have the opportunity to design a PTSC for their own community of farmers, traders, processors and marketers.

The first PTSC was designed by Dr. Lisa and set up in Cape Verde in 2008-09 while Lizanne Wheeler was Chief of Party for AgLand during an MCC project.  The next PTSC was set up in 2012 in Tanzania under the auspices of the World Vegetable Center with WFLO and UC Davis, funded by the Hort Innovation Lab. 

In Tanzania, the PTSC model was replicated by TAHA, MIVARF and several district level projects undertaken by Min of Agric and Food officers.

In 2017-18, three more PTSCs were launched in Rwanda by ABA and local partners.

This website provides a history and links to many resources for learning more about PTSCs and their utilization as postharvest learning platforms. 


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