The Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

The Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships offer support to international students/professionals to undertake study, research or professional development in Australia. It aims to develop ongoing educational, research and professional links between individuals, organisations and countries, while increasing the skills and global awareness of high achieving individuals from overseas and Australia.




Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program support the international graduate students, young professionals and artists from more than 155 selected countries to study and conduct research in the United States. Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is administered by bi-national Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies. All Foreign Student Program applications are processed by these offices and the program eligibility and selection procedures vary widely by country.

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